What can you say about the King? The name Elvis Presley may be the most recognized name in the world and the man is certainly one of the most revered entertainers ever to grace a stage!

Our Elvis Presley Tribute Show is a way for us to show our respect and reverence for the man that changed the way the world enjoyed music forever.

Throughout his professional career, Elvis Aaron Presley performed thousands of show all over the world. During those performances, he performed (he didn't just sing songs) songs well-known to all of us like Hound Dog and Heartbreak Hotel, but he also performed songs written and made popular by many different artists. Elvis admired many other artists like Lennon & McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel and Frank Sinatra to name but a few.

During our tribute show, we perform many well known Elvis Presley songs, but we also perform some that you may or may not know whether or not Elvis actually performed.

Elvis was a very flexible performer and could give a serious beat down to a hard rockin' number then turn around and sing a very melodious gospel song with true heartfelt introspection all the while leaving no doubt as to who was performing those songs.

When Theory Of Relativity performs their Elvis Presley Tribute Show, you may wonder if Elvis ever performed the song you're hearing, but there's no doubt that it's being performed as the King would have done it.

For bookings, call Jim at 503-310-7631 or email at musicman4561@aol.com
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